Muslim millionaire ‘gifted with cancer’ gives all his wealth to charity and passes away

In 2015 when Ali Banat was diagnosed with cancer, he decided to battle the disease by using it as an opportunity for a positive change, The Independent reported.

The Muslim millionaire was told that he only had seven months to live, but Banat outlived the predicted period and decided to reform the rest of his life.

A businessman from Sydney, Banat engaged himself in philanthropic work. He raised money for underprivileged Muslims around the world and eventually sold his business and travelled to Togo, Africa where an estimated 55% of the population lives below the poverty line and almost 20% of the total population identifies as Muslim.

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He participated in community development. He used his money to build a mosque and a school for the local community. He also setup a project called Muslims Around the World (MATW).

The philanthropist passed away earlier this week, but his foundation is alive to serve the humanity.

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MATW is a foundation which is also working to provide shelter to 200 widows and provide medical relief to villagers. It also has other other corollaries to support the local community and can be reached at the official GoFundMe page.

The proceeds from this page all go towards the three projects and in the past three years almost £600,000 have been raised.

This article originally appeared in The Independent

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